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Steel Frames
Steel Frames

There is no school like the old school, and there is nothing more old school than an Italian bicycle frame made from Columbus steel tubing. For decades, craftsmen in Italy have been hand-producing works of art that you can ride.  Emotion is drawn from them as it is when one looks at a beautiful painting, or listens to a piece of music that touches the soul.  Riding il Massimo is an experience. 

Bikes made with more modern Columbus tubes are light and have a beautiful, elastic, delicious sensual feel that cannot be described.  We  can only tell you that it is there.  It is an experience that is like no other, and one that needs to be felt before it can be described or discussed..

While these crafstmen are dwindling in numbers, the ones who thrive are the builders who are at the top of their field. Il Massimo partners with these artisans to bring you an old school experience.  Get ready to realize, steel is real!

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