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Aluminum Frames
Aluminum Frames

Aluminum is still a very viable material and is enjoying a surge in popularity with some riders.  Aluminum offers the rider a slightly more rigid frame than compared to steel, but at a lighter weight to price ratio. 

Aluminum tubes also lend themselves very well to being assembled in the classic Italian geometries (unlike most carbon frames).  This means a frame can be built for a variety of rider heights, and body proportions to maximize fit and performance. 


Aluminum frames can be built 100% aluminum, or be nicely combined with rear carbon seat/chainstay kits to really achieve a unique and personalized bike with very specific characteristics.  IL Massimo can build you a great aluminum bike if you decide it is the right material for you.  A number of finish options exist to further personalize your bicycle. 


Welds can be left natural, or ground down and filled to deliver a very uniform look at the joints.  We offer currently, frames with Columbus Airplane and Starship tubes as well as Deda Fire, Force and EM2. 

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