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About il Massimo
About il Massimo

CICLI IL MASSIMO crafts premium, artisan road frames for cyclists who demand MAXIMUM results in FIT, COMFORT, PERFORMANCE and overall cycling EXPERIENCE. Each frame is made by hand in Italy by a master craftsman.

Cicli IL MASSIMO'S bikes are built in the classic Italian style.  These designs have proven themselves over the test of time and through many generations of cyclists.  We build our bikes so that they deliver the intended - nearly mythical - ride quality that Italian bikes are known for.  A balance between rider and equipment must exist for MAXIMIZATION of the entire machine to occur. 


We deliver a bike that performs at the highest available level in "ride-a-bility".  Comfort, stability, speed, climbing prowess, and carving descents with confidence are all things that a great bike should do with ease.  An IL MASSIMO does this all, delivers stunning asthetic appeal and will serve its owner for years and years.

Cicli IL MASSIMO’s frame builders are master craftsmen, consumed with making a perfect frame every time they put their hands to work.  Our builders can only deliver a finite amount of frames per year, as the focus is on quality - not quantity or quick financial reward. The shops are not factories with production lines. These are artisan builders taking their time, ensuring everything is done just right. An artisan frame builder understands what makes a GREAT bike so good, yet so difficult to produce.


Their sweat, like ours, is a labor of love. Concentration on the task at hand (building a perfect frame) is the clear focus of every work hour. When you purchase an IL MASSIMO, our builders start your bike "from scratch" - working on it by hand until they are done and MAXIMIZATION is attained. The chance to do what they love, and the knowledge that they are building a custom, personalized frame that will provide years of enjoyment to the client is their professional glory.

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